The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing helps children, youth and adults in the Greater Washington area rebuild a sense of safety, hope, and healthy functioning after experiencing grief following a loss, life-threatening illness, violence or other trauma such as sexual assault or domestic violence. With a focus on the needs of the underserved, the Wendt Center is a unique and critical resource for thousands of families each year. 


Grief causes a variety of feelings and behavioral reactions. Though these may come and go throughout the grieving process, many are natural, normal and even necessary. Because everyone grieves in their own unique way and there is no “right way” to grieve, it can be hard to find the help you need, exactly when you need it. It doesn't help that grief is still heavily associated with weakness and failure. It's important to understand that grief is not something to ignore or “get over" and it's definitely not a sign of weakness or failure. 


Services are provided on a sliding scale basis according to need, or free under grants for those who qualify. The Wendt Center believes language should not be a barrier to receiving treatment. Through the use of both verbal and non-verbal modalities, and by expanding the languages spoken by our clinicians, we are growing ever more inclusive of communities that can benefit from our services. 

  • Individual and Group therapy
  • CHILD/Resilient Scholars- a holistic set of healing services for children and teens
  • HOPES/Crime Victim Services- healing services to crime victims (survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, homicide, and other violent crime) at our offices or at partner sites
  • Camp Forget Me Not- a free, annual, therapeutic grief camp, and our school-based Resilient Scholars program
  • RECOVER Program-offers on-site crisis intervention, bereavement support and psycho-education at the D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office for individuals coming to identify their deceased loved ones
  • Lights of Hope Program provides candle light vigils for families in the Washington Metropolitan area regardless of cause of death
  • Military Family Counseling- specialized counseling services at Wendt Center offices or at the National Veterans Center
  • Training and Education- emerging/existing mental health and other professional service providers, locally and nationally
  • Community Outreach and Crisis Intervention- community healing events, education/training, and crisis response services.


Music to Grieve to on iTunes

Music to Grieve to

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.

Nothing can prepare you for grief, nor is there a right or wrong way to deal with it, but sad music is an easily accessible and highly effective tool that can help you begin to heal.

Learn How Sad Music Can Help You