Who Does Your Organization Serve?

Hospice Caring provides caring, compassionate, practical and high-quality, non-medical support services, without charge, to Montgomery County adults and children facing a life-threatening illness or grieving the death of a loved one.

What Is Their Biggest Challenge?

Surviving the death of a loved one can be challenging emotionally and on a practical level. The pain and distress of grief is often misunderstood by those around us, adding to our sense of uncertainty at a vulnerable time in our life.

How Do You Help Them?

Peer support can help you cope with the trauma of losing someone close to you. Just having an understanding ear can be crucial. Our safe, confidential support groups are composed of caring people who are grieving a similar loss. Our members benefit from the collective wisdom and empathy of others who are traveling a similar path.  

All groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and provided at no charge. County residency is not required.

Additionally we offer:

  • Good Grief Club - a 7- week school or community-based support group for students who are grieving.

  • Camp Erin - an overnight weekend camp for teens, ages 13-17, who are grieving the death of someone close to them

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Music to Grieve to on iTunes

Music to Grieve to

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.

Nothing can prepare you for grief, nor is there a right or wrong way to deal with it, but sad music is an easily accessible and highly effective tool that can help you begin to heal.

Learn How Sad Music Can Help You