Who Does Your Organization Serve?

Elliot’s Footprint exists to improve the support available to families who have to cope with the sudden loss of a child.

What Is Their Biggest Challenge?

When a child or young person suddenly dies, a large number of professional and statutory bodies become involved. At Elliot's Footprint we believe that there is a need for some of these professionals to receive further guidance about how they can best support and communicate with a grieving family in the immediate aftermath of the loss. 

We also believe that the agencies involved do not effectively work together to help relieve the grief and distress suffered by the family. 

No family should have to wait months to access quality bereavement support, or be forced to pay for it themselves. There is a huge un-met demand for a range of effective bereavement support that is either free, or subsidized. We also believe that support offered should be led by what families feel they need when they need it. 

Sign Elliot's Footprint's petition to give all parents adequate support following the sudden death of a child - click the image above.

Sign Elliot's Footprint's petition to give all parents adequate support following the sudden death of a child - click the image above.

How Do You Help Them?

We support families to rebuild their lives after the sudden death of a child by providing information, linking bereavement services and funding bereavement support.


We want to provide families and anyone closely connected with a child that has died, with supportive information that will help guide them through the immediate aftermath as well as the weeks, months and years that follow.  

Linking bereavement services

We aim to link together bereavement services and other statutory bodies and professionals that may be involved in the family’s journey after experiencing child bereavement.  This will maximise the support given and reduce the negative impact that can result when a family is not in control, not informed, given wrong information and treated poorly. 

Funding bereavement support

We will fund bereavement support for families in west Yorkshire, where there is insufficient help, extremely long waiting lists and inaccessible ring-fenced specialist support.

Where Can We Find Out More?


Music to Grieve to on iTunes

Music to Grieve to

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.

Nothing can prepare you for grief, nor is there a right or wrong way to deal with it, but sad music is an easily accessible and highly effective tool that can help you begin to heal.

Learn How Sad Music Can Help You