Who Does Your Product Serve?

The Life Chest is for anyone who would like to remember the life of another.  

What Is Their Biggest Challenge?

How do you store a person's "life?"  Where do you put all those things that mean something to you about that person?  Is a cardboard box or an Ikea packing unit stored in the attic really a suitable place - will that folder on your desktop with all those treasured images get deleted?  Also, how often do you look at that box or open that folder?  

I think the biggest challenge to people who wish to remember others is creating a suitable way to be reminded of them that is easy to access and that "feels" right.

How Does Your Product Help?: 

The Life Chest with BeRemembered.com is a comprehensive storytelling product that saves important tangible keepsakes along with written accounts and digital files to share with family and friends. Unlike piecemeal personalization products, this combined offering is of huge value and convenience for families. It offers a solution to several challenges, by providing a feel-good product for grieving families. The Life Chest can even serve as either a temporary or permanent place to store an urn alongside personal keepsakes and mementos.

Each Life Chest is made with premium and durable materials. Features include a piano hinge and self-closing lid in addition to high-quality finishes and hardware. The design of each Heritage Life Chest appeals to a different home décor style and has hand-painted details. Perfect for display at the foot of a bed or in the family room for all to see, The Life Chest is a significant piece of furniture that also holds a lifetime of memories. On the virtual side, BeRemembered.com offers a clean and simple interface. Designed for ultimate ease of use, you can access all BeRemembered.com features in just a click or two! Simply sign up with your email address or social media account. Unlike labor-intensive, costly personal websites that require extensive setup and tech knowledge, BeRemembered.com is a simple guide to recording your personal story online. Together they are unmatched in quality and design, and do not have any direct competitors as an all-inclusive legacy product.

Where Can People Find Out More?

What's Your Favorite Sad Music?

Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

Check it out at Music to Grieve to

Music to Grieve to on iTunes

Music to Grieve to

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.

Nothing can prepare you for grief, nor is there a right or wrong way to deal with it, but sad music is an easily accessible and highly effective tool that can help you begin to heal.

Learn How Sad Music Can Help You